A volunteer is needed for preparing snacks & tea and a second volunteer is needed to be greeter. Eleanor will reimburse snacks out of the Dana pool, up to $25? How much do snacks cost?

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Tea & Snack Instructions

Your job is to prepare and provide treats to give the community something to gather around once the meeting is over. Having this time is essential to the community building we’re aiming to do, and you are the facillitator of that.

A snack can be savory or sweet, cookies seems to be common but please have fun with it. You can make it yourself or buy at the store. Our latest meetings have seen around 15-20 people, and not everyone sticks around afterwards. Please make a small sign that lists all common allergens, such as sugar (and other sweeteners), nuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, etc. Double check the allergens so as to not accidentally hurt someone.

Come early to get tea kettles, bags, and cups ready. These are stored in the small kitchen, someone who’s done this job can show you where those things and the hot water are.

When we start announcements at the end of the meeting you can get up and leave to get the tea and snack ready. Stage the snack, tea, and cups on the desk in the lobby.

Once things are winding down, recruit a few folks to help you clean up. Ask a facillitator if you need help recruiting. Cups and kettles should go through the sanitizer in the main kitchen and then be put away.

Greeter Instructions

Your job is to be the face of the trans sangha when everyone comes to the temple for the meeting. This helps make new folks feel welcome and lets them know they’re in the right place.

Arrive early, around 6:45. The front door should already be open. Signs for trans sangha will be out on the desk, or else you can get them from Kei. Put the sign up on the front door as well as one on the desk. There’s a sign up sheet for the Signal group and a donation sign that should be out on the desk as well.

There will be a Zen Center resident sitting at the desk until about 7pm. Help get the meeting space setup and then hang around the lobby and greet the people who are here for Trans Sangha. When people who are brand new arrive run through the following with them:

1) make sure they’re wearing a K/N95 mask. If they don’t have one, provide one that will be on the desk. (other guests to the temple are not currently required to wear them!) 2) point them to the room we’re meeing in, and make sure they know to take off their shoes before entering. 3) point out where the restrooms are 4) ask if they have any questions 5) be really nice, you’re the first impression the person will have of the community we’re building.

Once the resident leaves the desk you can sit there now. Stay seated until about 5 minutes after the group starts meditating in case there are any stragglers. After this point, please fully close the front door to the temple to ensure that it’s locked. Enter the room we’re meeting in and sit near-ish to the door. If the doorbell rings during the meditation, please get up to answer the door. If it’s someone there for trans sangha say what’s up etc and then come back into the room.