Schedule & Location


We meet on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays of the month. We gather at 7pm with meditation starting shortly after. The doors will lock around 7:10pm, after which you can ring the doorbell (not the call box) to be let in.

Upcoming Meetings

Date Notes
Mon Nov 20 TDOR ceremony, in The Panhandle.
Thurs Nov 30  
Thurs Dec 7 CANCELLED, temple is closed.
Thurs Dec 21 New meeting room, same building.
Thurs Jan 4  

We meditate for around 20-30 minutes and then have a structured group discussion, ending around 8:30pm. Herbal tea and a snack will be provided afterwards if you’d like to stick around and chat.


a photo of the meeting place with an arrow pointing to the entrance

San Francisco Zen Center located at 300 Page St. We meet in the Buddha Hall on the first floor, directly to the right when you walk in the building. There will be signs and friendly trans people pointing the way.