Trans Sangha fosters trans community grounded in mutual aid while following in the tradition of the Buddha. We run a meditation and discussion group twice a month that focuses on the intersection of Buddhism, meditation, trans issues, and community care. We are also building a mutual aid network to support each other through illness, injury, surgery, and other life changing circumstances.

Masks required // Scent-free

First Meeting?

Great! We welcome all trans people. Here’s what you should know:

  • Calendar, meeting times, and location
  • Join the Signal group. This is a read-only group chat on Signal where we drop updates and reminders about the group. It’s our alternative to an email list.
  • Covid and accessibility info
  • Masks required
  • We are a scent-free community, meaning you should not arrive with any strong scents on you such as perfume/cologne, smoke, essential oils, or heavy detergents.
  • Meetings typically have around 10-20 people in attendance and end promptly at 8:30
  • Hang out after the meeting for cookies and a chance to get to know each other.
  • No dress code. Comfy clothes recommended. You will be required to remove your shoes to enter the meditation area, so consider slip-ons (shoes may be left on for accessbility purposes, let a facillitator know).


The group is co-facilitated by Eleanor Rykener and Marion Anthonisen. Eleanor is a student in the Soto Zen Buddhist lineage and Marion is a student of the Insight tradition of Theravada Buddhism. Please feel free to say hi before or after meetings!

Kei Claire Van Arnam is a co-founder and is currently away on extended retreat.

We are not Buddhist teachers.

Meditation Style/Instruction

The meditation instructions we give in the group is based on or inspired by Shikantaza (Silent Illumination), the traditional meditation practice of Soto Zen, or in the style of the Insight/Vipassana tradition. You are not required to meditate in these traditions in order to participate. All we ask is that you remain silent during the meditation period.

For the time being we will be providing light, guided meditation during our 20-30 minute meditation sessions.

If you would like to receive more in-depth meditation instruction please let one of the facilitators know. Meditation should be inclusive, and we will attempt to adapt the instruction to any specific needs.