Covid & Accessibility

Covid Protocols

K/N95 Masks and Vaccines Required!

We take covid very seriously. All participants are required to wear a K/N95 masks while inside the temple as a member of Trans Sangha. Vaccinations are also required. There are highly vulnerable people in this group, please help to protect them.

If you suspect you are sick with anything that may spread through the air or surfaces, covid or not, please do not attend.

The room we meet in is large and has substantial ventilation.


This is a scent-free space. Please do not arrive wearing perfume, cologne, heavily scented laundry detergent, or smelling of smoke. People who do not follow this guideline may be asked to leave. There is some more, and very incomplete, info about this here.

The temple is located on a moderately steep San Francisco hill. There are no steps to access the meeting space, making it wheelchair accessible. However, due to ongoing construction in the building, the only available restrooms are outdoor portapotties that can only be accessed by going up a couple steps.

We do not have ASL interpreters available, if this is a need you have and you’d like to attend please consider reaching out to us so we may discuss how to best accomodate you.