Covid & Accessibility

Covid Protocols

K/N95 Masks and Vaccines Required!

We take covid very seriously. Fall of 2023 will likely see a massive surge in covid cases, putting vulnerable populations at extreme risk and exposing the general population to the risk of permanent disability due to long covid.

Due to these reasons all participants are required to wear a K/N95 masks while inside the temple as a member of Trans Sangha. Vaccinations are also required. There are highly vulnerable people in this group, please help to protect them.

If you suspect you are sick with anything that may spread through the air or surfaces, covid or not, please do not attend.

The room we meet in is large and has substantial ventilation.

More info

If you’d like more information about covid, Eleanor recommends following the information put out by People’s CDC. This organization is attempting to gather and report on covid data that is being overlooked and ignored by the CDC.


This is a scent-free space. Please do not arrive wearing perfume, cologne, heavily scented laundry detergent, or smelling of smoke. People who do not follow this guideline may be asked to leave. There is some more, and very incomplete, info about this here.

We meet in an indoor space that is a large room with ventilation. Folks who are able-bodied will carry comfy chairs over to the room for everyone to sit on. If you need access to a chair and there isn’t one available, or if you have any other accessibility needs please do not hesitate to speak to the facilitators. There are also meditation cushions to use to sit or lay on the floor.

The temple is located on a moderately steep San Francisco hill, approx 12% grade. There are approximately 8 steps to get to the main floor of the temple from the sidewalk. There is a ramp available for use, however it must be unlocked by a temple staff member. If you would like to utilize the ramp please contact us before attending so that we can be ready to unlock it for you.

We do not have ASL interpreters available, if this is a need you have and you’d like to attend please consider reaching out to us so we may discuss how to best accomodate you.